Robert D. Stratton
President, Verandah Development, Inc.

Under the leadership of Bob Stratton, Verandah Development has completed several real estate property transactions since the companies were founded in 1996. Four multi-family properties and one exclusive single-family community located in Houston and Austin, Texas have been fully developed. Projects currently underway include diversification into exclusive single family and townhome communities. The accumulated value of completed and marketed projects is $185 million. Please request information about pending transactions in the design/acquisition phase by e-mail or by calling the Verandah offices.

Bob is formerly Vice President for a NYSE-listed Real Estate Investment Trust and its predecessor from 1991 to 1996. During that time, he managed the acquisition and renovation of 52 multi-family properties, exceeding 15,000 units and valued at greater than $430 million for the trust. Simultaneously, he was involved in the development of 4,100 multi-family units valued at $220 million, across six cities located in three states.

Prior to 1991, Mr. Stratton served as Vice President of a Houston real estate brokerage firm specializing in the brokerage and syndication of land and multi-family properties. He brokered more than 12,000 multi-family units and acquired 2,300 units for the firm's investor-clients, totaling a transaction value exceeding $250 million.

Education: Bachelor of Arts in Economics; University of Texas at Austin; 1985. Mr. Stratton holds a real estate brokerage license in Texas.

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Robert Stratton

Robert Stratton

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