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Experienced. Versatile. Bankable. An equation that adds up.

The Verandah Companies are real estate developers, builders and property managers who have been remarkably successful at bringing apartment home and town home communities to market.

Founded in 1996, the principals work collaboratively, focusing a principal's attention on each stage of the development--from idea-creation to pouring concrete to marketing--ensuring the best outcomes for residents, owners, lenders and venture partners.

In a financial environment that's been highly volatile over the past decade, the Verandah companies continue to produce superior business results, as we design, build and market superior communities for residents. How?

  • Versatility in adapting to market evolution and changes
  • Being fiercely innovative and competitive
  • Electing fewer quality developments over "more, faster and marginal"
  • Patience in developing a strong product and brand identity
  • A distinctive mix of amenities and services, custom-fit to each local community
  • Quality engineering and construction that delivers a cost-efficient, pleasant home


Solid experience, with principal-attention at every stage of the project, versatility in a rapidly-changing market, and a strong, bankable brand ­ this is an equation that adds up to a valuable real estate partner you can count on ­ the Verandah companies.


The Verandah at Meyerland

The Verandah at Grandview Hills


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